Monday, 23 April 2012

MMIs - Do I shake hands? What if there is a silence!?

I forgot to include these non-specific questions in my last Michener MMI post and didn't want to edit it to ensure people see my responses:

Question 1: Do I shake hands with the rater?

You can. But really, it doesn't matter. I did not shake hands because my hands were incredibly sweaty and shaky - not the best thing to do to project confidence. Also with disease and germs being spread through contact, some people might not be comfortable with it. The raters are told shaking hands is up to their discretion, so if you are a hand shaker and the rater declines - don't be offended. Do whatever feels best for you but definitely do not feel obligated to shake hands.

Question 2: I ran out of stuff to talk about after 4 minutes! Do we sit in silence?

Depends but mostly no. The raters have questions to prompt you if you can't think of an 8 minute soliloquy about what you would do if you ran into someone's car (see Michener Example). If you get to the end of your response, end it. Don't add words, ramble, sing, just to fill time. Also, if you get off track the rater will bring you back with a question (as long as you stop talking at some point.) I know at one station I derailed and went off on a tangent and the rater actually enjoyed what I had to say even though it wasn't directly related to the scenario. I have no idea how I did on that station but I received my offer for both programs on the first day so I guess that says something?

Also, I ran out of things to stay at one station and felt I had answered the question adequately so the rater asked how I was liking Toronto. Obviously, this does not count towards your rating and some raters might not make small talk but it was still nice to break the silence!

Question 3: I'm nervous I might pee myself/vomit/cry during the interview!

There are two places during the circuit where you will get an 8 minute break with access to a bathroom and a giant jug of water. Try not too drink too much water. Bring tissues. Hold it in until the break station.

If you have any more questions leave a comment!



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