Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Winnipeg Blood Drive Tweet Up Update!

So as you know, I am doing a Winnipeg Blood Drive Tweet Up on July 9th from 4-7pm at 777 William Avenue in Winnipeg. Follow #WpgBloodDrive on Twitter!

You can also read my original post on the subject if this is your first time hearing about it here!

Along with doing this tweet-up to increase blood donation in summer, I have the opportunity to get a bursary from Canadian Blood Services if I recruit over 20 donors.

The best part is even if you are NOT in Winnipeg and want to help out towards my total, you can. Anyone, anywhere across Canada! It would mean so much to me if you donate, even if you don't sign up as a part of my team. My #1 goal is to get blood donations, the bursary is second but if you would like to participate, here's how:

  1.  Go to blood.ca/joinpartnersforlife

  2. Fill out the form and use my partner ID: KRIS013179

  3. It asks "Are you an Employee or Member of this Organization" you can say Yes or No. If you say no, just enter your name in the box on "who you are donating on behalf of".

  4. You're done!

You can do this before or after your donation but if you plan on coming to the tweet up and have a spare moment, please sign up ahead of time!

Once again, I appreciate everyone's support and I hope this blood drive is a huge success. We can beat Red Deer's 20 donors!

Any questions or if you want to let me know you signed up email me at medlabmaven at gmail dot com


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