Sunday, 19 August 2012

How to (not) pack when leaving for School

The summer has almost come to an end which means it's time to head back to school. For some this could mean a shift in their daily schedule and for others this means packing up the massive amount of
crap things they have accumulated throughout the summer and hauling it back to school. I fall into the latter category.

I leave to head back to Toronto on Wednesday at 10am. I am flying out of Winnipeg to Ottawa, then driving down to Toronto a few days later. I HAVE NOT PACKED YET.

Things I have done instead:

  • Moved my suitcase around to appear like things are occurring.

  • Hung things up in closest.

  • Took things down I just hung up and moved them to organized "pile" on floor

  • Manage to lose two different right-footed shoes.

  • Painted my nails,

  • Put on new Nike Running shoes and scissor kick down the hallway. 

Obviously, I am further procrastinating by writing this blog post about my procrastination. Meta blog.

I am excited to head back to school but the packing is daunting and from experience, I know I'm going to end up hurriedly throwing things together the day before I leave. My advice is to start now if you are heading off to school this fall!



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