Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Orientation Time!

Most students groan and roll their eyes when they think of orientation. I would know, I'm typically one of those students.  I'm here to say that if you have the opportunity to go to orientation, you should go.

Orientation is weird and awkward for everyone. Some of the activities are strange or not something you would normally participate in but don't worry, other people are sharing in your embarrassment as well. This nervous energy makes it easier to talk to your fellow classmates and form some friendships before you even step into the classroom.

I am helping with orientation this year and I'm actually having a great time when I'm not even participating in the fun activities! I've already made new friends from other programs and I am excited to check out some of the museums and the Jays game that are a part of our Orientation program.

Take in all activities you can! Pottery class? Do it! Baseball game? Of course! The best part of orientation is that is isn't strange for you to attend something "alone". Sure, it's great to have friends that you'd like to go with but the chance of you knowing someone in the class, event, activity is pretty high. Maybe you saw them when you checked in for your program or perhaps you talked to them at lunch. It's a chance for you to talk to the people around you and completely go out of your comfort zone without having to worry about having a reason to talk to this person. You share the same reason - it's Orientation!

Bottom line, ATTEND THINGS. These events were planned for you to go to so it's not "weird" for you to show up, even if you think very few people are going. You will meet great students and have fun!



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