Thursday, 10 January 2013

Last Semester of Theory!

Monday marked the start of my final semester of theory in my Medical Laboratory Science program! I can't believe the time has come already. I remember two years ago sitting in the computer lab at my University looking at schools in Ontario and finally taking the chance and applying. Best decision I ever made!

I am thrilled to be moving through this program towards Simulation Clinical in the summer and my clinical placement in fall. This semester has some of the topics I was most looking forward to including Respiratory infections in Microbiology, Leukemia in Hematology and Tumour Markers in Clinical Chemistry.

We have also just begun the process of selecting our clinical placements, which is extremely stressful on all of us. Everyone, of course, wants to go somewhere that is an ideal location for them (close to home, friends, family etc) making this selection difficult. I did my rankings today out of the 13 placement areas and I will not find out where I am placed for a week! My anxiety levels will surely be through the roof by next week. I know wherever I get placed will be a great learning experience and will allow me to receive exposure to how a lab really functions.

My next task is looking for a nice pair of scrubs to use for our histotechnology labs to prevent from getting wax all over my nicer clothing. If anyone has any recommendations, let me know!



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