Monday, 15 April 2013

General Michener MMI Tips for 2013

I did a number of posts last year about the MMIs and how to prepare for them. Check out this category and you can access them all!

I did decide to do a little refresher post from my experience when I went through the MMIs for this year and any points I might have missed. Again, I cannot discuss the questions asked but I can provide you with some overall tips!

1) Breathe

This seems like the simplest tip but really, Breathe. You've already made it to the MMIs which means you were short-listed out of a number of candidates - amazing! All you have to do is show your ability to be a great person. Take a deep breath before you start and before you go into a room to calm yourself and try to enjoy the experience. (Don't be too loud as there are other people standing near you!) This is your opportunity to show your cognitive skills!

2) Read the question

Seems simple but read the question and decide what you're going to talk about before entering the room. If it's an opinion statement try to think of both sides of the story so you can have a better all around concept and can be prepared to go in a different direction if needed. A lot of times the question/statement will guide you in what they are looking for or what direction you should go in.  Pick out the keywords and what you need to focus on. Not reading the question can waste valuable response time!

3) Forget about it.

If you feel like you had a bad station/question try to clear your mind and move on! There are many more stations for you to prove yourself and to make up for that one bad one. One or two questions should not make or break you and having a positive attitude will help you be successful in other stations. If you have a rest station - REST. Try not to over-analyze what just happened and give yourself a break. This will keep your mind fresh and let you keep your spirits up.

I found another helpful link from the University of Manitoba on MMIs which should help with some quesitons you might have:

Congrats to all that received interview invitations and I wish you all the best!



  1. Hey!
    Totally appreciate your posts on the MMI's at Michener. Just received an interview offer and I am completely nervous about it. Reading your posts has definitely eased the tension a bit, although I do have some questions for you... is there any sort of background knowledge I should know/read up on.. i.e. health care systems, policies, etc. I know you can't give specifics, but any other general category of scenarios or questions they may ask... What is the best way to prepare for the interview, and how did you prepare for yours?

    Thank you so much for your help and feedback! :)

  2. I would say any knowledge about Health Care is good knowledge to have! I practiced answering questions with my family and friends and watching debates or conversations on CNN.

  3. Hey Aiesha,
    I have been invited to the MMI as well. Do you have facebook or contact number?

  4. Thank you for all the info Krista! :)

  5. Hi Subarbara,
    Congrats on the invite.
    You can contact me through email.
    Aieshazhr [at]

  6. I have my interview this Friday!! Good luck guys!!

  7. Krista, were you like at green zone on the interview? for Wed 11:15am one? I think I saw you and talked with you at my rest station. wow! I have also emailed you before like a month ago just to ask how you prepared for your interview. my name is Saerom. I am not sure if i will be able to get in, but I did my best :) if I get a good news, I will go and say hi to you again :) haha

  8. Haha, Yes that was me! I was running Green Circuit all week for the MMIs. Good luck with admissions!

  9. Hey Krista,
    Do you know how we hear about admissions? is it through email or mail?

  10. I assume it's still by email? That's how it was done for me.

  11. oh ok cool!
    Eek I am trying to wait patiently to hear back!

  12. Krista! i got an offer for ultrasound! i am actually an international student! :)
    i can find u and say hi and thank u to u :)

  13. Congrats! When did you hear back? Im still waiting and its driving me crazy!


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