Monday, 14 July 2014

Finally Graduating and Being Valedictorian

Though I finished my program in February, my official convocation wasn’t until a few weeks ago on June 21st in Toronto at the Centre for the Arts. I made the trip from Ottawa to celebrate my journey at The Michener Institute with family, friends and classmates.
Waiting to enter the hall with my friends Sarah and Steph!
I was honoured to be nominated and was selected to be the Valedictorian for the Class of 2014, something I had always had as a goal in the back of my mind. Speaking for the class of over 500 graduates was nerve-wracking but I believe my speech represented the class as a whole and I was also able to put Medical Laboratory Science in the spotlight. 

Receiving my Diploma (copyright The Michener Institute)

Why I did I want to be Valedictorian? At least the last 4 valedictorians had been males and my professors could not remember the last time someone from Laboratory Science was Valedictorian. I was thrilled to be able to represent laboratory professionals and women in science at convocation.

Also, I feel like I had something important to share on behalf of our class. Not only have I worked hard to be involved in the school and represent the Laboratory profession well, I also hoped to inspire our class to take what we learned and go out to make changes in the world. I feel my time at Michener shows that you should take pride in your profession and anyone can make a difference. While I was limited by time in my speech I did speak more about this in my Q&A interview on the Michener website here. 

Now you're probably curious about my speech! I was happy with how it went. Thankfully they had a giant spotlight on me so I was essentially blinded up at the podium (didn't have to worry about looking at anyone!) Many of my professors came to support me and had wonderful things to say after the ceremony which I greatly appreciated. 

Please feel free to share with anyone, especially new grads in Healthcare. I hope they find it as inspiring as my professors did!

Thank you all for your support!


  1. Hi Krista;
    As a faculty member in another ML discipline (Genetics Technology), I too was pleased to see a ML grad up on stage as the valedictorian. A better choice could not have been made! You were calm, confident and represented the future of healthcare professionals well. Fantastic job!!
    Just so you know, I have shared your speech with the students taking Leadership in Healthcare this semester. These ultrasound and genetics students will be heading out to clinical shortly and I was able to tie the themes of leadership in the course to your speech. Your thoughtful commentary on the difference that new practitioners can make on the healthcare system was perfect reinforcement and provided a real-life and real-time example of a leader in action! Thank you!!

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