Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Do You Have Any Questions For Me? 5 Lab Related Questions You Can Ask in an Interview

So you’ve just finished your interview for the perfect lab position and now you’re at the end where you get asked by the interviewer the dreaded “Do you have any questions for me?”

As an interviewee, you should always answer YES.

Nothing is worse than saying “not at this time” or “no” – no matter how amazing and thorough the interviewer is.  There is always something more you can expand on and show how interested you are in the position and workplace. But what can you ask that sounds like a well-thought out question? I've thought up some of my favourites below:

1. What types of professional development opportunities do you have?
As a MLT, you know we are required by license to obtain a certain number of learning hours per year to maintain your license. It’s a great way to find out what types of seminars and overall learning culture the workplace provides. Do they have their own learning system? Weekly Lunch and Learns? Are you going to have to be proactive and attend courses yourself or will your future workplace fulfill that requirement for you?

2. Do you offer any educational funding to employees?
This is another great way to find out how invested the workplace is in education opportunities.  Some workplaces have a yearly grant for an employee to attend a conference like LabCon or CSM which is a nice bonus for a free (or discounted) vacation coupled with a pile of learning hours. Others have a yearly allowance for each employee to attend classes or workshops to help you grow in your career.