Sunday, 22 April 2012

MMI – Multiple Mini Interview Tips

*Reminder to readers, this post was written in 2012 and things may have changed now*

It’s that time of year again!

I remember my Michener interview like it was yesterday. Even after I was invited to the interview, I was unsure about attending because I needed to fly to Toronto from Winnipeg which was a $500 investment into something I wasn’t sure I would be getting in the end. I ended up choosing to go after deliberating with my parents.

My interview itself was Saturday, April 30th at the very last interview time (12:30pm). I barely slept the night before as I was incredibly nervous about missing my flight. I left Winnipeg at 5:30am and arrived in Toronto at 8:30am. I took the Airport Express shuttle ~$22 to the Metropolitan hotel on Chestnut and Dundas. Since I had time to kill, I went to the Starbucks at Elizabeth and Dundas to try and “relax” before the big interview.

Before the Interview:

  • Try to arrive close to the interview time. I do not recommend coming terribly (1 hour or more) early because you will just be surrounded by nervous, sweating students in suits. Give yourself maybe 10 minutes prior to your arrival time to arrive in the lobby. (IE 20-30 minutes before the interview time)

  • Find a space in the lobby and just sit. You will be brought in by a director into a secure room where you will leave your coat/bag/purse etc. **This year you will be checking in at the Auditorium**

  • You do not need to sign in at the security desk. I made this mistake last year because quite a few people were signing into the security log. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO THIS. Just sit and wait patiently.

  • You will sign in at the auditorium in the main lobby of Michener. (May differ from year to year.)

  • Bring a water bottle. There are 2 water refill stations on your MMI circuit.

  • Eat before your interview. You cannot bring the snack with you along the circuit

  • Bring photo ID. You will be asked to present this once you are taken up the elevator.

  • Wear something you feel comfortable and confident in. Business Casual is a good guess for what to wear. I wore a short-sleeved sweater, brown dress pants and shoes.

The Interview:

  • You will be taken up the elevator by a crowd director to the 3rd/4th floors and you will receive your circuit colour. As for labels, You will wear one on your chest and the rest you will hand to the rater at the start of each interview to adhere to their rating paper.

  • There will be an orientation put on by someone with a short presentation on the MMIs and what to expect.

  • You will be taken to different circuit colours and be stationed outside one of the doors to the interview.

  • There are announcements over an intercom to prompt you when to read the questions which are adhered to each door.

  • A prompt will then tell you when to enter the room to begin your interview.

During the Interview

  • Be calm, cool and collected.

  • Smile! It will make you feel better and project a confident image to the rater.

  • Speak slowly and clearly.

  • Identify both sides of the argument and clearly state which side you are going to take and your reasoning.

  • Explain your reasoning - be clear, ethical, and objective.

  • Draw on personal experience!

After the Interview:

  • You will be taken to a debriefing room where you will fill out a survey using an iClicker.

  • They will explain how you will be informed about being accepted into the program/waitlisted.

These are my Michener specific tips as someone who has gone through the process. I will do another post about how to prep for the interview content.

Please leave a comment if there is something specific you'd like see!



  1. Hello. Thank you for writing this. That was very helpful. Would you mind
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