Thursday, 29 November 2012

It's the end of the semester!

Well, it's almost time for the semester to come to a close.

I had my last lab today in Transfusion Science on the topic of transfusions reactions. We had to perform a full antibody investigation, ABO and Rh typing, DAT and finally phenotyping of two donor units as well as two patient samples. It's amazing to see how far the class has come from the start of the semester. During the first two weeks, we could barely perform ABO and Rh typing in 3 hours, let alone all of these tasks!

I have a research poster due tomorrow and I decided to create my poster around Pseudomonas aeruginosa nosocomial infections due to colonized water reservoirs in a hospital environment. I found some very interesting articles on how increased prevalence of biofilms due to low-pressure faucets are causing an increase in infections.

Besides all of my final assignments, my exams are starting in less than a week with Clinical Infectious disease leading it off! I have to buckle down and starting reviewing my notes to ensure I have ESBLs and Skin infections down pat. Both of these topics gave me a little bit of trouble due to the sheer volume of information I need to retain and the important details for both.

In personal news, I received a grant from CSMLS to attend LabCon 2013 in Victoria, BC! I am so excited and honoured to have been selected and cannot wait to see the new, exciting things happening in respect to Medical Laboratory Science!



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