Sunday, 4 November 2012

Michener Campus Day

As many of you know, I attend The Michener Institute in Toronto.

I highly recommend my program, as well as my school to anyone looking to receive professional training in a health care field. The support and quality of teaching here is unbelievable and I cannot speak about Michener enough.

I wanted to alert any potential students that Michener is holding "Campus Day" on November 10th at 10am. There will be program information from students and professors as well as tours of the school. If you are at all curious about the programming or the school itself, I would recommend going! Quite a few of my classmates will be there and will be able to answer tons of questions about student life. It's always great to get different perspectives from current students to get a real feel for the program, rather than just the general information.

If you are interested about learning more about Michener and the programs available, check out and sign up!


PS: As always, I'm available via email if you have a specific question!


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