Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Our Focus is You!

National Med Lab Week is coming up at the end of April (28th to May 4th) and the CSMLS (@CSMLS) has put together a great site for people who are curious about Medical Laboratory Science! You can interact with some of the things we do as MLTs as well as information about why we are so essential to the Health Care System.

Hint: There is even a mention of my home province in the questions!

Check out OurFocusIsYou.ca today!

We are currently holding our own make-shift Med Lab Week at my school this week so we can promote our profession to other students and staff since the actual NMLW falls during exam time. We have our own "CSI Michener" case that participants can "solve" and try out the many disciplines that are a part of being a MLT.



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