Friday, 8 March 2013

What's in a Scientist's Business Card?

I’m coming to a point where I feel like getting a set of business card would be very helpful for me. As most of you know, I’m heading to a conference at the start of May with plenty of networking events and as an upcoming new graduate – I’m hoping to make some great connections.

But as a student and a scientist, what should go on a business card? I have a prior degree (B.Sc Microbiology) I’d like to mention along with my current program and graduation date. I also was considering my LinkedIn profile, email, phone number and location. Is this too much for a business card? I don’t want it to be overwhelming but I also do not want to leave important information out!

The idea of having business cards in science is a little foreign. You generally don't have a situation where business cards would typically be given out or needed unless you are in sales or media. How do you market your scientific qualifications on a tiny square of paper!

If you were someone receiving a student’s card, what would you want to see - A simple card or something with a bit more info so you can remember me? I can see both as options but want to get some options.

Let me know in the comments, I’m looking for some help!



  1. Hey Krista,

    My advice is to keep it simple.

    Contact info, your previous degree, graduation date, email, LinkedIn link. On the back (yes, don't forget the back!!) have 3 or 4 bullet points with your most important (read: employable) skills.

    The majority of the communication about yourself should be done in person..the business card is just a way of jogging the person's memory of the conversation you had in person with them. :)

    Good luck with the networking events and congrats on your upcoming graduation!

  2. Thanks for this - I definitely took this into account when I designed mine!

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