Monday, 10 June 2013

And Sometimes You Need More LinkedIn Links...

Since I am not an "expert" in the field of LinkedIn, I felt it was necessary to follow-up my last post with some other articles about how to manage your LinkedIn profile as a new grad. LinkedIn can be a scary thing to dive into and I know for myself, I always find it helpful to have more resources available!

Where to start - at LinkedIn University! Links to presentations, notes and slides on how to get started.

From the LinkedIn Blog: "Three Ways Recent Grads Can Leverage LinkedIn for Long-Term Success"

The Undercover Recruiter talks about how College students can use LinkedIn

And after you've made that connection on LinkedIn: How do you keep in touch with someone when you don't really have news to share?

If you've made your LinkedIn profile since my last post, let me know how it went! I've also recently added my blog to bloglovin' where you can follow me along with your favourite fashion/food blogs. I feel like the lone science blog there!



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