Saturday, 20 July 2013

Answering your Questions - Part 1

I received this question on my account:

Could you give a rough estimate of first year costs for MLS ‎@Michener excluding tuition?

1. Textbooks - There is a fairly large list of textbooks to buy so I would hold off before purchasing some of them because it would probably be about $1000 for all. Also it depends on how you learn, I don't use textbooks often because I find I prefer looking up online resources and using the material from class but it is unavoidable for some courses. The U of T bookstore has all of the Michener textbooks so it's easy to go pick one up later in the week if you find you need one. There will also be tours during orientation that will take you to the bookstore.

I would recommend purchasing the Hematology Atlas ($50-60), the Histology Textbook (which is $250) and the Transfusion text-book ($120). I had previous textbooks from my Undergrad I used for the other courses but I am looking to purchase a lot of the books now to have handy when a working MLT and to study for the CSMLS exam so if you can afford it, try to buy all of them.

2. Lab Coat - You'll need a white, full length lab coat which will run you about $20-$30. Don't get anything too fancy because you'll be spilling various stains all over it.

3. CSMLS Student Membership - I would recommend signing up right away so you can have access to learning material, discounts and scholarships. It's $107 for 4 years which will cover you for your entire time at Michener and also give you a discount on the CSMLS exam when it comes time to register.

4. Printer - Invest in a printer because you will be printing off a LOT of notes. Almost all classes have PowerPoint presentations for each class that can be over 100 slides so get yourself a laser printer you can print notes off of easily. Also you'll be needing it for lab reports, assignments etc. If not, have a laptop you can easily take to class.

If you purchase everything, I would budget about $1200 for textbooks and supplies but that will cover you for every year as the textbooks don't change. If you want to keep it to the bare essentials, budget around $600. Good luck in September!

If you have anymore questions, feel free to email me or ask on my page!



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